6 AM and The Boy

The big kid is becoming kind of a pain in the rump.

Cross Country season is over, he’s noticed I’m a little portly, and he’s decided that there’s little better in the world than waking up at 0600 and going for a run. Especially if he can make his old man sweat.

Vermont City Marathon 2012 - two miler

In general, I jest – that he’s in middle school and still wants to hang with his old man is a sign that there’s something good going on between he and me. It’s also a chance for me to work out – the snooze button and the couch are my biggest foes, right after “The Daily Show” and having another beer after supper.

It’s also a challenge for me – there aren’t too many months left when I’m going to be faster than he is. If I keep heading out with him, there’s a chance I’ll hold him off for another couple weeks, at least. But, he’s already beaten Missy in a race; my time will come.