Huh. February. Where’d that go?

Actually, it’s pretty much for the best that February is a black hole for this year. Pretty decent month running, great month spinning, but, like the old joke goes:

Why does February not have 30 days?

‘Cause if it did, I’d have to kill myself.

Not quite that bad, but, holy cow, I was ready for March to arrive.

Anyhow, rode to work this morning. Had a meeting in Mystic, so caught a ride for me and my bike over to the meeting, and closed out the day here:

Even better was Saturday. Solid 10K run on a leg that’s coming back from a near miss with PF, and a great spin – about 15 miles, then this:

Then an easy 5 home. In shorts.

Spring’s a magical time. I think that there’s a good chunk of survivor camaraderie going on – on my ride in this morning, there were at least two cases in which drivers actually yielded the right of way to me. Stunned. It’s usually pretty easy to ride around here, but this morning was especially nice.

Lots and lots of happiness.

Survived birthday season with the boys, and looking forward to spring. Only cloud on the horizon is that Missy and I didn’t get a relay team for the Vermont City Marathon. Can’t have everything, I suppose.