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Been a slacker this week. Yesterday was cold and rainy. Today is blue skies and brisk. Think I’ll run at lunch.

Been gone a while.

Had a conference down at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland. Stayed at the Motel 6 in Laurel. (Does the JHU APL tie qualify me for a Gmail account? Do I need to get geekier?)

There was a park at Savage Mills along the middle branch of the Pax river that was between the lab and the hotel. I stopped and pounded out about three miles each night.

Good times. The leaves were out down that way, and there were folks fishin’ for trout in the stream. Can’t be beat.

I also got to go wandering about DC late one night. Though I’m kind of freaked out that Justice Souter was assulted while jogging in DC this weekend.

Eh, I’m a slug. Didn’t get any mileage over the weekend, and wussed out this morning due to cold and rain. I need to stay motivated, need to put in some serious mileage this week.

Did the trails at Pequot Woods today. Got to love trail running in Connecticut. Not only do you get all the joys of running, like shortness of breath, dizziness, and pain, but also the opportunity to twist ankles, trip and bash one’s head open, and mud.

I had a huge grin the whole time.

Cycled this morning for the first time in a while. Rode up Military Highway north of the base, 11.3 miles round trip, 40 minutes. For those keeping score, that’s slow as crap.

But it was time back on the bike, which is time well spent. The “Out” part of the “out and back” route rocked – there was about a 10 MPH tailwind, so the average speed was somewhere upwards of 18 MPH. The way back – not so quick.

21 April 2004

Dragged myself out of bed early enough this morning to hit the road at about 0540. Made it to Newport in time to hit the road for about a 4 miler. If I’m going to get serious about running again, I need to start timing and measuring the runs, but for this summer, I think I may just take it as it comes.

That is, of course, if my application to run in the NYC Marathon gets declined. If it’s approved – well, then I’m in a world of hurt.