Apres le deluge

C’est Moi.

Yeah, baby. The skies opened up today. Good soaking for Southern New England; maybe now they’ll stop whining about forest fire danger. This morning was gawdawful humid and warm, this afternoon was wet, wet, wet, and this evening – magic.

Worked late ’cause I got to work late. The boy had a dentist appointment (fillings in teeth that will be gone in two years, but hopefully the decay bacteria are gone now before the new ones show up), so the baby and I stayed home this morning and slept in. Nothing better than a well rested and happy toddler. Lots and lots of open mouthed laughing. Even more slobber since he’s cutting teeth (which will likely require fillings in a couple years – note to self: be more aggressive about teaching this one to brush his teeth).
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How Billy got his Groove Back

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while – work (blah) and a trip to Houston and San Antonio for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

In any case, I’d really been kind of struggling with running prior to New Haven (About which I cannot say enough good, especially seeing a sea of smiling faces from the RBF) – mostly finding time and motivation (hey, Billy – Mystic Places is like 5 weeks away – is that motivation enough?) But seeing the rest of the gang did great stuff for my soul, and running has gotten somewhat more pleasant since.
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