Jeff nailed it a couple of days ago – running at lunch somehow feels like playing hooky. Doubly so when it’s about 40 degrees, breezy, getting colder, and with big, puffy, dark grey snow clouds hovering somewhere over Connecticut.

Headed out for a straight up lunch run on Friday with another guy at work. He’d stuck his head in my office earlier in the morning to see if I’d brought my stuff. (His usual running partner was offsite at a meeting.) I had. The plan was to hit the base gym on the way home, but the offer of company was just too tempting. So, lunchtime, I strap up the shoes and hit the road.

Luckily, he was in the mood for an easy run (this guy is one of the real runners at the office), so we did an easy 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back. Splits out/back were the same, even though we were running into the wind and uphill on the way in. Good to be running with someone else for a change, good to be out of doors.

I’d like to end with a postscript about how I drove home in the snow, but I didn’t. Might snow this afternoon, but right now it’s sunny and mid-30’s.

Usless Stats: 3.4 miles, 30 min, 5 seconds.


Busted out the rollers last night. Didn’t feel good enough to head to the Y, but didn’t feel lazy enough to sit on my duff. 30 minutes, 17 MPH average. Not that that means a whole lot.

We rearranged the basement over the summer, so my spot to run the rollers close to the wall doesn’t exist any longer. Getting moving on the bike was kind of scary, but somehow I managed not to break my neck.

Well, that’s about it. Go check out Complete Running – Mark and Aaron have overhauled it. Find someone else’s running blog to run with. Ha, ha, get it? “Run with”? It’s a pun, see?


Managed to avoid any and all butter cookies yesterday. Oh, yeah.


One of the little disease vectors (who I love more than life itself) dragged home some bug. Nothing really nasty, but enough to be annoying.

So, the upside? 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep after I put the boys in bed.

Oh, yeah.

Now, just don’t ask me why I brought a tin of butter cookies into the lab…