Two Point Conversion?

Rather than completely punting last week, I ran home from the Y.

What a day! Weather was perfect, breeze was blowing onshore and uphill, and the “long” route was perfect. Didn’t press, came in at 59 minutes, or 9:20 per mile, and completely loved every step.

The cyclists were out in force, though every one I saw was riding downhill. Wish I could do that…

Small Victories

I finally dug into the CSS sheet to figure out how to get caps back in the blog. Not too tough: Do a little replace for every “lowercase” to “none” in the “text transform” category. I’m figuring Jeff could use this to make everyone in his comments lowercase, too…

Other than that, I’ve been busy. Haven’t run since Monday, haven’t worked out since Wednesday.

So I’m chalking up this week as a “punt” – will roll into next week.

Additionally, it hit me that I’d already committed to an alternate engagement on the Friday of the Bluff Point Twilight Trail Run; unfortunately I cannot reschedule, so likely will not make a 2006 racing debut until the first Terramuggus tri in June.

But, by then, life should have settled out a bit.

Daily Dose of Navel

So there’s two bits I miss about Houston Traffic. The first is that KUHF is a great NPR station. Part of its greatness was that, in addition to Morning Edition, every day I got to catch both Engines of our Ingenuity, the greatest Engineering show ever (and I’m including almost everything the Discovery channel as engineering shows), and Garrison Keilor’s Writer’s Almanac.

Well, they’re now both available as podcasts, which is the bee’s knees. (Engines) (Almanac)

But still no excuse for not donating to you local public radio station…

(OH, and this is courtesy of 43 Folders)

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So, lunchtime yesterday, I’m in the process of turning from my desk to pick up my bag so I can go hit the road for lunch. And the phone rings.

A big part of me wants to just ignore it, to walk out the door, get changed, and get on the road.

But the responsible part of me says “Hey, your client is presenting today; there’s a better than average chance that he’s calling to get changes to the presentation sent to him.” So, I pick up the phone.

And end up spending the next hour and a half working, putting me hard up against a meeting.

Go to the meeting – urgent tasking, must be done now, now, now!. Sneak out to throw a burger down my gullet (and was pleasantly surprised at how full a Whopper Junior and half a thing of onions left me – think my stomach may be shrinking!), finished up, and called the wife.

We’ve got a running joke that it’s a given that if she goes to the grocery store on any given afternoon and buys fish that it’s a given that I’ll give her a call sometime between 4 and 6 to let her know that I’m running late, and that she shouldn’t hold supper.

Last night, she picks up the phone, and I start with “You bought fish, right?”.

“Yep. You’re running late, right?”

“Well, I didn’t get to run at lunch today, and was going to go on the way home, but since I’ve got a chance to eat fish while hot, I’ll skip.”

The fish was delicious – baked tilapia with a light pesto sauce, paired with a boiled grain mixture with wilted spinach. Mmmm, mmm, good. Played with the kids, parked them in bed, and headed to the Y.

Swimming was very, very good tonight. Maybe it was improved muscle memory from doing it two nights in a row, maybe I’m just actually starting to develop some muscles. Whatever. The sets just felt really good, the pool was nigh-unto deserted, and the laps just slipped by. I’m proudest of the set of 15 laps I did with bilateral breathing – that’s finally clicking.

The woman on the upswing of getting into shape was back last night – we chatted briefly. But it’s kind of neat to see someone enthusiastic and discovering the joy in concerted effort for themselves. That was good for an extra 5 laps for me!

Total: 40 minutes, 2250 yards/meters/whatever.

Another ToDo on the site

So, like I said – been using Breaking the Tape lately. Love it.

‘Cept apparently, the HTML interface for WordPress strips out  any embedded javascript or code besides HTML. Which kind of blows, ’cause that’s what runs all the “cool” new web 2.0 stuff, or so I’m told.

I got the workout entry in the other day ’cause I was posting from Ecto at home, which I guess goes straight into the entry databse without getting scrubbed by the WordPress editor.  But, trying to use the web interface isn’t getting me anywhere. Googled it and found a couple of entries about editing a “my-hacks.php” file, but won’t get around to that for a while.

So, chalk this up as my first real complaint about WordPress. Which doesn’t make it so bad, at all.

10K each week!

Went to the Y last night to swim. Still feeling kind of stuffy, and I really, really didn’t want to go. Really wanted just to sit at the house and do taxes.

(OK, so that was a bald-faced lie)

But I didn’t want to swim.

Went anyway, jumped in a free lane (amazing how it’s packed when open swim opens up at 7:30PM, and is almost completely empty by 8:30, even though there’s another hour to go. I made it through about four laps, and almost ran into the wall, ’cause as I got to the end, I took a breath, twisted my head to sight the wall to gauge a turn, and there was a pair of legs there.

Flopped up, saw the rest of the woman they were attached to, blushed ’cause I might have been staring while trying to catch my breath and acknowledge we were going to be sharing the lane. She nodded, apologized, and let me get a quarter length on her before she started.

Pshew – talk about distracting. She was fast – big, smooth strokes, good kicks – everything I wasn’t. Great to swim with, ’cause she got me really pushing, trying to keep up.

Anyway, another lane opened after I’d done about 1000 yards, and she left. Made a deal with myself that I’d do another 500 and call it quits. Did the 10 laps, got ready to get out of the pool, and noticed the guy in the lane next to me was chatting up the lifeguard and the woman kind of killing time in the first lane. So, we talked for a while. The guy does at least 4 sets of 2500 yards each week, and has been for years. Looks great. This swimming stuff works.

The woman killing time reminded me a lot of myself – younger kids, trying to really get into shape for the first time in her life, but not really knowing how. I told her that jumping in was the best way to go, and pushed the bike (got the standard “But I’ve got a car, why would I want to ride a bike?” answer). But, she was enthusiastic, so she’ll probably be back.

All that yakkin’ got me inspired to do another 10 laps to round out the 2K for the day.

SUS Eat Diary, Day 10

Mmmm, blowout.
Whole Wheat Bagel, egg, ham, and cheese sandwich, ’cause I was giving a guy a ride and he treated
Total: 760 cal

Whopper Junior
Half an order of onion rings
Diet Coke
Total: 530 cal

Baked Tilapia (fish)
Whole Grain and Spinach bake
Total: 500 Cal

Day 10 total: 1790 Cal

Remarks: Good Day Today

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SUS Eat Diary, Day 9

Granola Bar
Total: 420 cal

Italian Sausage Sandwich
Whole Wheat Buns
Turkey Sausage
Sauteed peppers and onions
Good, low-fat sauce
Total: 620 cal

Granola Bar
Total: 160 cal

BBQ Beef Sandwiches.
No, ones that are actually good for us:
Whole Wheat Buns
Stew Meat in the crockpot with sauce
Green Salad
Dessert? Oatmeal Cookies (4 ea)
Total: 720 Cal

Day 9 total: 1900 Cal

Remarks: Good Day Today

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