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At the end of this week, I finish the “build to 20 mile base” that I’ve been working on out of The Runner’s Training Diary”. I’ve been wondering what to do to bridge the gap between now and the end of June when Marathon training begins in earnest, and Annalisa may have the answer in her plan to work up to a Tri.

It meets a bunch of my desires:
1. Good blend of running, swimming, and cycling* (the weather is about to get SO much better, I just know it…)
2. It’s a plan. I cannot emphasize enough how much having someone else do the research and planning for me is when it comes to fitness. I’d love to be a self-made man, but let’s face it – I’ve spent over three decades mucking it up. In an ideal world, I’d go out and grab a personal trainer or coach, but, frankly, I’m cheap. Maybe next year. This year, I think I want to save for a PowerBook.
3. Kind of a bridge to sustain a reasonable amount of effort and hopefully let some weight come off without worrying too much about creating a stress injury and a setback
4. Did I mention I don’t have to think, just execute?

She mentioned she got the program from AllTriathlon. They seemed pretty cheap, and I didn’t want to boost content from someone who looks like he’s got what I need, so I went ahead and signed up for an 8 week fitness and weight loss plan. $20, probably could have gotten it out of a book or something, but hey – it’s all about experimentation. I’ll keep you posted…

Found a great new NPR show this weekend: Weekend America. It is, honest to god, a new program. I caught their bit about Chi Running, which I think Chris has covered. They’ve got runners on their splash screen, support RSS and Podcasting (If only Garrison could be so hip), but don’t have Bob Edwards… wait, nowhere on NPR has Bob Edwards’ dulcet tones any more.

*There’s a bunch of motorcycle riders in the office, and we’ve got a tenuous truce. “Cycling” refers to riding a bicycle, usually wearing some form of tights, but not necessarily. “Biking” involves gasoline and much higher speeds. Though, in the case of a couple of knuckleheads, less protective equipment.