XC Running

Meeting up in Northeastern Mass yesterday. Absolutely cool meeting – the company we were at is putting HUGE amounts of computing power into small spaces. My work on Monday is going to be to actually translate their marketing material into small words so that I can understand it. I really am feeling the need to go back to school – this stuff is completely cool.

The meeting was really close to Great Brook Farm, which is apparently a pretty decent place to XC ski. However, there was absolutely NO SNOW at the park, and temps in the 60s. So, I ran.

The run was great – not sure why, but probably because it was

  1. in the woods, and
  2. during work hours – it was somewhat on my way home from the meeting, but I still felt like I was playing hooky. I made up the time once I got back to the house.

But there’s something just absolutely great about running through the late fall/winter woods – the leaves were off the trees and had been off long enough that they were quiet while I ran through. The overcast and light fog in spots was great, as was dodging babies heads on the trails.

I didn’t run the entire thing – did about 2.5 miles running, walked for about a half mile, ran another 1.5 to get my 4 for the day, and walked another mile in a half.

In shorts.

In January.

In an XC Ski area.

Deene – stop hoarding snow.