Please Allow Me to Re-introduce myself

My name is Hove – H to the oh-vee…

Someone mentioned mash-ups a while ago. There’s a lot of crappy ones out there, but I have got to wholeheartedly endorse DJ Dangermouse’s “The Grey Album”. Overlays samples from “The Beatles” with Jay-Z’s “The Black Album”. Nice and low-key, good beat, etc. I’ve legitimately bought both albums, so I don’t feel too bad about downloading. I do need to figure out how to get something over to Dangermouse to completely even out my whuffie on the whole transaction.

In any case, it’s a great sentiment – “Please allow me to re-introduce myself” – Not exactly a do-over, but more of a reinvention, rebirth, renaissance. It’s what I’m trying to do with 2005 – physically, professionally, and psychically (The husband and dad thing I’m pretty darn happy with – so I’ve got that going for me).

3 s l o w miles on the treadmill tonight while I caught up on Battlestar Galactica. (The show rocks – if you haven’t checked it out, they’ve got the first episode on their website. A download that won’t send you to jail, if you can believe it. I’m meaning to watch it. They’ve added 4 scenes. Plus, it don’t cost nothin’.) 10 minute pace, but it’s the first run in a week that has felt good. On track for the week, with drill over the weekend.

Eating was better today – coffee, clementines, and a Tim Horton’s raisin bagel for breakfast; 4/5ths of a 6″ Subway club (cheese and mustard, lots of veggies) for lunch with half a bag of bar-b-q chips; and a cup of whole wheat spaghetti with spicy sauce and 3 low fat turkey meatballs for supper. And no desire to hit the monster tonight.

Tomorrow will be a challenge. The program has me going to T-W-T-S-S for running days, instead of the old T-T-S-S. But I’m psyched.