Small Pieces Loosley Joined

I got to cross another couple of good idea off the list last night.

My neighbor and I have been saying “Hey, we ought to go mountain biking” to each other for about the last year. Which is true – the number of people with whom I ought to go ride is astronomical, and if I could follow through, my belly wouldn’t be nearly so generous as it is.

The other idea was pretty simple – we live up on top of a hill here in Mystic, and there’s a bunch of land and parks, between our house and Fisher’s Island Sound. I’d been meaning to see if I could link together one epic ride out of the whole deal.

Despite yesterday being a day from hell, and despite my getting home about 20 minutes late, and despite a flat going up the driveway, the ride was all that and a bag of chips. We cruised through the land by the new elementary school. Quick pedal on the road past Whittle’s Farm – nice. Wrong turn in Pequot woods that turned into about a mile of tasty swoopy singletrack and ended up being the right turn – good twist of fate. And even the hike around Beebe pond was great.

We finished the ride down in the Daniel Packer Inn with a cold beer.