2008 Summary

David asked me to review my 2008 resolutions and see how I did. Here goes:

  1. I’d said I’d run 700 miles for the year, and as near as I can figure it, I made it. Nike+ lists 680 miles of runs logged there, and I’m more than a little bit sure that I did 20-odd without my iPod here and there. As a matter of fact, I’m completely sure I did more than 20 miles in December, and Nike+ lists nothing there.
  2. Races:
    • OKC – Bout of plantar facists (yes, I know that’s not how it’s spelled) in January and February made this into a half as a goal and not a whole marathon. But, I did succeed in “crushing” it (“Crushing” defined as under two hours.)
    • Fall Marathon – I did make the NYC lottery, but did San Antonio instead. Didn’t “crush” that one (marathon “crush” defined as under 4 hours), but did knock out a pretty sizeable PR, and finished it with my motivation intact.
    • New Haven 20K – This was a really, really tough race for me this year due to blisters, but I finished the race, and placed somewhere in between my historical times.
  3. That was pretty much it.

So, I’d set the bar pretty low last year, and seem to have cleared it. What was I thinking talking smack this year?