There’s not much I like more than sleeping outside – there’s something about the sound of the world at night, both more quiet and more active than most people realize.

Tonight – not so much. Not that it isn’t a lovely evening; but more due to pre-race jitters. I’m convinced I’ve lost my sunscreen; fear I’m going to flat three times again, and absolutely aghast that the folks who put on MooseMan have the mascot of “Bonk the Moose”. Seriously – the race’s mascot is named “Bonk”.

These are things I should have considered back in January when I registered.

Today was great – wonderful morning with the wife and kids; Nate’s t-ball game rocked. Sitting in a green field on a spring morning us hardwired into our DNA. The drive up to Bristol, New Hampshire was uneventful, and it was a huge pleasure to catch up with The Running Chick With The Orange Hat (Dianna), the Amazing Hip (Jeff/ aka Zipper Quigley), and Salty War(ren). We hung out at the race for a bit, racked the bikes, and looked at the swim.

(lots of buoys, I ought not get lost)

Dianna split to head back to the Nutmeg State, and Jeff, Warren, and I drove the bike course. There were a few folks riding it, but I was conserving energy. Pre-race pasta supper, a bit of talking, and dropped Jeff and Warren off at their B&B.

I picked up a tallboy beer, and headed back to Camp Whatchamadoodle, just down the road from the race start at Wellington State Park. Pitched the tent, and spent 90 minutes as the sun set “checking” race gear.

(read as fidgeting until the sun went down)

Once it was getting dark, I popped the beer and watched the moon rise, figuring that a little barley and hops would put me right to bed.

‘Cept I set up the tent in front of the bathroom.

But it’s pretty quiet, the frogs and cicadas are lovely, and I’m watching stars through the roof of the tent. Life could be worse. Most of the folks at the camp seem to be racing the half, so it was like a switch was thrown once the sun went down – quiet except for the handful of young teens too young to leave home while ms and/or pa race.

So, I’m going to listen to the bugs for a while, and be back at the crack of dawn.