So, “Billy Off” seems to have worked somewhat, but not nearly so well as 2 weeks of not eating crap, playing with the kids, and spending all day moving stuff around the house or doing building. I’m within spitting distance of 170, and feeling great.

I squeezed in two “Massive” (for current training volumes) long runs – an 11 miler the Saturday after Christmas with the group from the church (which CRUSHED me – I hadn’t run much in December, and hadn’t gone more than 5 or so since October and the pre-NYC flu); and did my 10 for 2010 on New Year’s day, which was a lovely run from the new house, around River Road, and back.

Did I mention we moved? Not far, but into a (very slightly) bigger house, with a slightly more manageable yard, more kids in the neighborhood, and half a mile of freaking uphill on the return from any bike or run. I’ve been telling the kids that if they learn to run from this house, they’ll be stars at cross country. I’ll post pictures from our upstairs windows – there’s even a view!

I’ll go into it a bit more later, but I’m not too sure I met too many of my 2009 goals. There’s always 2010 though. The short version for 2010 is:

  1. Colchester Half Marathon – 27 February
  2. Vermont City Marathon – 30 May
  3. Bluff Point Twilight Trail Run – 4 June! (Seems really, really late)
  4. At least 1 Olympic Triathlon during the summer
  5. Terramuggus race series, or other weekday tri series
  6. New Haven 20K – Labor Day
  7. Mystic YMCA Turkey Trot

Maybes include:

  • Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler – 24 July
  • Mystic Triathlon (depending on drill schedule)
  • Newport Naval Station Triathlon
  • An off-road tri
  • And jack and squat after New Haven

Major goals for the year:

  • Back under 160 lbs by New Haven
  • 4 hours at Vermont City
  • An unofficial Century on the bike in August
  • Two rides up to Smuggler’s Notch during our Stowe week in June/July.

We’ll hammer out the rest later this week. Hope everyone had Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas (as applicable), and an exceptional 2010.