Plugging Away

So good to be back on the bike this morning. Lovely day, had breakfast with the guys from church, went home (nix on the saving gas today, as breakfast was as far from home as work, but it was 0530 and I really didn’t feel it…), spent some quality time with the boyos, and then flew into work.

I’m shocked at how quickly my general cycling fitness seems to be coming up. Hopefully my weight will keep coming down. I’ve been using (specifically the iPhone app) to track calories (net of exercise), and it seems to be working – zap every barcode that goes into my belly, set the preferences for lose 1 lb/week, and do it. Two weeks, two pounds, including last week while on travel. It’s been kind of tough, ’cause there were a lot of just random calories I’d eat during the day without thinking about it, which is why, I think, my weight kept creeping up.

Still loving DailyMile – nice to get the feedback, and pretty easy to knock out a post.

My PF seems to be at least not getting worse. I’m not convinced that my left foot will ever be good again, but it’s at least better when I run than when I don’t. So, I suppose, I’ll keep running.

And, with that, at least I’ve busted the August zero for posting here.