Broke the Zero

Literally? Maybe. It was, in the technical sense “Freaking Cold”, or about 19F, -something C, so we were below the zero in Canadia.

What is it with drivers in the wintertime? We live in a great town. In the summer I’ll usually see drivers head over to the opposite side to make room for runners and cyclists. But, on the same roads, same lighting conditions, etc, in the winter time it seems like the drivers are much less apt to make room. I think part of it is wanting to stay in the lane to avoid potential black ice. At least that’s what I want to think.

Anyhow, J. and I made it out for another run this morning. By “made it out”, I mean that I went in at least three times to shake the snoozing lad, and was about to leave myself when he showed up next to the door and grunted something that sounded like “Let’s Go.”

SO, about 10 minutes after we ought to be out the door, we were. I let him turn around for about a 2 mile round trip, and I kept on going out to Welles Road, which is becoming my go-to run. About 3.6 miles round trip, decent amount of elevation, but nothing earth shaking, and mostly on residential streets or sidewalks – about .25 miles each way is on the shoulder of a state highway, but it’s a wide shoulder, great sightlines – I think we’re OK.

Weight’s not good. I’m choosing to not believe the scale this morning, since I really don’t think I ate that much over the weekend, and I know I didn’t drink as much beer as it insists.