I’ve been slacking lately. Warren is going to hand me my hat in June.

I got exactly two (2) good workouts in this week. Monday my excuse was being stuck in the ATL (second least favorite airport in the world after IAD – even Bahrain has a good airport). Tuesday, I had a GREAT 4+ mile run at 8 minute miles, with the last quarter mile at sub-6 pace.

Wednesday – worked through lunch, then building Pinewood Derby cars with the boyos, and troubleshooting the Pinewood Derby track with beer with a couple of the other Cub Scout dads after everyone was in bed. Finally found something about the Cub Scouts that I liked. So, no time to work out.

Thursday – yeah, just lazy here, I guess. I worked through lunch again, but probably could have swum or rode after the kids were in bed.

Today, I spent a quality 55 minutes on the bike at 150 BPM heart rate during lunch. A bit disturbed that NONE of the TVs at the gym were showing the College Basketball playoffs. But, I had two great talks from TED – Dan Arley on why we all cheat on occasion, and Stuart Brown on Play. (I like to think that’s why we run, bike, and swim – what’s better than hammering, especially on the off chance there’s someone else to chase?)

So, pretty much a bust. Missy’s off at a well-deserved women’s retreat this weekend, so I think the boyos and I are going to have a little bit of male bonding. Pinewood derby and bar-b-q. First at Chester’s, and then I may get a smoker while we’re buying stuff to build garden boxes.

Or, has anyone ever cooked in a chiminea?

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  1. so…the training for the week was a bust, but how about the lent stuff? if you stayed away from that, i’d say it was a win.

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