Bliss, briefly

I know it’s dangerous, I know it’s wrong –

Last night Missy and the kids picked me up at the commuter van, and we headed over to Ortega’s to catch Mariachi night (highly recommended, the band, MARIACHI Emperadores de Puebla was excellent). After a quality supper, I put the boys in bed, and headed out for a twilight run.

I’d left my bike at the vanpool lot, over on the Stonington side of the river. So, I ran the 3 miles in the fading light, got to the bike, and realized I’d forgotten to bring my helmet with me. But, the evening was amazing, and, in the fading light I threw my leg over the bike and headed downtown, taking the longer, well lit path home.

Just north of the Seaport, I looked out over the river. No wind, the water was like glass, reflecting the last light of day. The new leaves on the trees glowed a luminous green, the sunset still glowed burgundy, and both the sky and the water passed from pale blue to the dark blue of night in the east.

And I glided along…

I love the bike.

2 thoughts on “Bliss, briefly”

  1. living on the edge with no helmet. no helmet hair.
    have lots of fun and best wishes this weekend.

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