Found in the Friday Fun Quiz!

So, I’ve had another semi-brush with fame. I was catching up on my RSS feeds, and found that Bike Snob NYC had lifted my picture of the lawyer tabs on my road bike to use in his Friday Fun Quiz:

Here’s the original:

On the one hand, it’s cool. And on the other hand it’s pretty cool to see someone else reusing my work. I’ve dropped him an email asking for photo credit. And it’s incentive to get back to writing – running, biking, and swimming have all been pretty good lately, but not great.

One thought on “Found in the Friday Fun Quiz!”

  1. I hate when people do that by having the picture hosted at my site, so our site traffic jumps everytime people load the other sites page. It just sucks up our bandwidth. What I do then? Is replace the picture on our server with something gross. Its kinda funny to go to their site and see an image of a toilet when they are talking about chocolate. :)

    Yeah, if people would just ask, it would be ok to just copy it and host it at their site.

    Is it just coincidence that he said it was a “hipster” version? Was jeff involved in this?

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