Monday Night Ride / Billy-Off 2009 Week 2, Day 1

So, I’m still with the “Belly Off” plan. I was at 177 on Saturday at weigh-in, but I’m not quite sure how much of that was noise, and how much was actual weight loss. But the plan’s working, and I’m starting to like the morning “2 minute drill”. It’s one of those things I always say I ought to do (quick bit of calisthenics right during my morning levee) that I’ve never been able to make stick. We’re 8 days in, which is almost halfway to being a habit.

This evening, I went for a bike ride with a group from the office. There’s a bunch of guys who ride from the office in Newport, and one of my 2010 resolutions is going to be to be on the bike more. I love me some bike.

Anyway, we headed out from the gym at the lab just as the sun set, and cranked north. About 2 miles in, I had a pair of revelations:

  1. I hadn’t ridden in a paceline in roughly 6 or 8 years, and
  2. Man, was it going to be dark.

I got dropped something fierce in the middle of the first climb, but during the winter, this is supposed to be just an “easy” ride. We headed across the island, and down the east side, ending up downtown after about an hour. The other guys had about another 8 or 10 miles to go, but I wanted to see the kids before they went to sleep, so I peeled off, and spun back to the gym.

Plus, I couldn’t feel my toes because I’d forgotten wool socks and don’t have shoe covers (yet).

Pshew. I was beaten. A couple more weeks of this might help with the “Billy-Off”.

Good times.