Racing Weight – Someday.

Hey, y’all. Still alive; don’t add me to your list of Dead Blogs yet. I’m still plugging away, but work, moonlighting, kids’ sports (Drop me a line if you want to buy a raffle ticket), and Cub Scouts (Ditto if you want some scout popcorn), have kept me from posting. That, and catching up on 30 Rock and Dr. Who.

Survived Snowmageddon 2012 V1.0, manage to work out pretty frequently, and completed the first week of the Racing Weight Quick Start guide. I’m pretty pleased with the program after a week. It’s a do-able chunk of work tied to a pretty workable diet plan. Nothing earth-shattering on the diet side, but good advice about how to score what you eat by quality. (Full disclosure – my quality for yesterday and today is terrible). I’m pairing it with calorie tracking at MyFitnessPal, mostly because they’ve got a GREAT and free iPhone app.

I miss posting here. I miss the early days of Web 2.0 – everything’s getting all monetized and crap.


3 thoughts on “Racing Weight – Someday.”

  1. you’ll always be on my feed, bill.

    i’m with you. i love blogging, but it feels different these days.

    coming back from injury sucks. especially when you’ve put on a few pounds while recovering. focusing on race weight by spring and the long term goal of running ultras after i retire.

    see ya at the finish line and we’ll keep in touch at the aid stations.

  2. I think you have to go a full six months without a post to be on the dead blog list, so you’re ok – for now!

    Glad to see you haven’t completely abandoned your blog in favor of short-attention-span-social-media (aka twitter, Farcebook, etc).

    Now that my back is better, I could use a weight loss plan myself, so I can have a more acceptable performance in New Haven next year.

  3. Jeff – I’m completely with you – blogging about tough times isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially being raised male in the latter quarter of the 20th century. Power of positive thinking, getting things done, etc. Easy to blog about success, tough to blog about the road down and the road back.

    Jon – The SAS media, I’d realized, was taking over my life, much like email did right after I got it. It’s addicting to hit ‘refresh’ over and freaking over again. But, ultimately, it’s sucking productivity. Need to wean myself. Google Reader doing away with comments and small-scale sharing is, I think, going to help.

    We re-started the Saturday morning run that I’d been doing with some local guys, largely but not exclusively drawn from church. But we’re deliberately being short(er, still about 5-7 miles) and slow while we’re waiting for everyone to get well. Sometimes declaring yourself old and broken is the key to starting over.

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