Forgot to bring a drink for lunch today, so I stopped at the Circle K (or 7-11, or Stop ‘n’ Go). Picked up a Squishy. Did I break Lent? I vote no: the goal was to give up eating crap, and a Squishy is not food. Supporting the no vote is this morning’s unofficial weigh in somewhere south of two pounds lighter than Monday.

Quick run at lunch after two epics – Programmed the Forerunner for a 5K. Finished in 24 something, a 7:57 average pace. Yeah, baby, sub-8’s. I think I could have done a 7:45 if I’d pushed down to nothing, but it was windy, windy. The last mile was almost all into the wind, and was about an 8:20 pace.

Great run, although I’m kind of getting paranoid about having three strong runs in a row and still feeling gooooood.

4 thoughts on “Slipping?”

  1. sweet time, bill! good job on the pace! yeah, it’s great when you get a couple strong runs in and still feel good the next day. make sure you get your rest, and the streak will be likely to continue!

  2. Your streak has been impressive! Lately every time I visit your blog it sounds like you’re making great progress and feeling good. In fact it’s been quite a while, so maybe it’s not a streak?

  3. You’re so fast, it’s crazy! Forget it. Don’t come race with me. I wouldn’t see you until the end of the race. :)

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