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May be my absolute favorite holiday EVAH.

Good food, time with good friends and good memories of other friends, and none of the guilt about gifts associated with Christmas. No bad music.

We had the office Thanksgiving lunch today – community turkey and potluck sides, and way, way, way too much dessert. Tryptophan coma after lunch, which was OK as I was clicking through some annual training for the dozenth time.

About 3:45, the sun was almost gone, so I realized that if I was going to have any sort of workout, I had to hit the road. Perfect late fall run – high 30’s, sky spitting moisture, and every shade of grey from silver through soot.

The beginning of the evening commute traffic hissed along the road, headlights and taillights blending into each other.

Then – the transcendent.

I passed a grove of trees for the umpteenth time, and finally realized that the two straight rows of cedars marked an ancient street – almost an alley, but lined with green and carpeted with needles, connecting one main street with another marked as a dead end.

Dead end to cars, maybe, but a throughway for foot and bike traffic.

100 yards of unexpected trail running, and a good run becomes a great run.