Da Bomb

Busy couple of days; no time to post, and not much to post, other than congrats to everyone else who’s officially made it through the first month of the year, training program intact. Yippie.

I almost slipped into Super Monster on the way home from work Thursday. I was a little famished from the 5 miler on Wednesday, and since the iTunes/Pepsi promotion is in full swing again, I figured I’d stop by, pick up a free song and some cookies since I’d been so good the last few days.

(Yes, I cheat. First, it’s stupid easy to do. Second, Apple/Pepsi only had to pay out like 5 million of the 100 million songs they gave away last year – my guess is that of the general public, market penetration is maybe 20% have any interest in using iTunes, the other 80% will just throw the caps away)

Anyhow, they only have leaded Pepsis with the caps, but I buy one anyway, figuring that I can hold myself to the half bottle that is actually a serving. (I did, BTW, and saved the rest for Friday) Then I go to look at the Monster aisles.

Strangely, even the Hostess cupcakes don’t look appetizing when I realize that almost everything I can get runs about 400 calories per plastic packet. It’s the wrong time of year to get the baseball cupcakes, though. But nothing was really appealing when I actually thought about it.

Then, I see “The Bomb”. Parliament starts running through my head, and I figure I’ll pick it up and see exactly how awful the burrito is for you. I love burritos. I flip over the package and


Wow, I think as I set it down. That’s like over a quarter of the day’s calories. My mind says to take another look, so I do. THE 600 CALORIES IS FOR ONE SERVING. The burrito is technically TWO servings.

So between the 20 oz Pepsi in my grubby palm and the burrito, I’m looking at, no lie, 1600 calories.

I bought a carton of skim milk (and the Pepsi) instead.

3 miles on the treadmill to get even with the week’s mileage. And more importantly, a new appreciation for how bad 7-11 really is for me.

4 thoughts on “Da Bomb”

  1. Da Bomb? In a bean burrito? Ok, that just about says it all right there. :O

    And you know some people will suck down two of those burritos for lunch with a couple of Pepsi’s. How about a chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard from DQ for dessert? I think that has 1800 calories and 50 grams of fat. Poison. Its all poison.

  2. You should’ve eaten the burrito with a Hostess Apple pie and a Big Gulp. Wouldn’t have needed to eat for the next week ;)

    Don’t they have Chipotle out there???

  3. I get my co-workers to save their iTunes caps for me. I got lots of free songs last spring. You do know about tipping the bottle so you can see if it is a winner before you buy, right? Anyway, with the Eagles in the Superbowl the diet will have to be on hold for today. Wings, guacamole, chili, salsa and chips, and of course, beer.

  4. I should congratulate you on your run, but instead, I wanted to comment on the burritos. Something with the words “beef & bean burrito” should not also have the words “bomb” on it. Aieeee. Assblastertastic!

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