BTW – The “small dog” syndrome bit this morning. Again, I’m inbound to the gym for triple S (Shower and shave are two of the S’s; you figure out the other) when I see a woman abotu 50 yards ahead, probably headed to the gym, too.

I’m tired, but suddenly, something kicks in and I have to pass her.

So I ring up a higher bell, grunt, and start pounding the pavement. It hurts, but I’m functioning on an animal level now, so pain becomes not an issue. Pretty quickly I pass her. More quickly, in fact, than I’d intended on. I’ve spent more than I thought, and quickly worry that I’ve dug myself into an energy hole from which I will not emerge.

Enter vanity, stage right. I’ve passed this woman, there is no way I can stop to walk and catch my breath, since she’d pass me, and I’d look like a jerk for flying past her. So I leg it out, and have recovered by the time I hit the bridge to go back to the island and the Gym. I’m feeling so fine, I go ahead and stretch out for the last bit.

Sometimes life becomes extremely good for no apparent reason…

Looks like there’s a fair number of other running blogs out there. Such as this one.

The downside of reading other runner’s blogs is that my “lust list” grows to include stuff like this.

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  1. Cool, cool, cool.

    BTW – I mentioned the wrist GPS to Missy the other night, and it was the first time I got positive reaction to tech for tech’s sake (“Hey, I could know how far I ran without having to drive it in the car…”). Then, she asked if she could borrow the iPod.

    Our credit card is about to hurt.

  2. Yeah, I’ve passsed, only to be passed. You’re right, when you get re-passed you only feel like an idiot. Great blog. Look forward to seeing more of it.

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