Some things change, some things don’t.

So, this is where I was last year. And, not much has changed in a year. I checked MyFitnessPal, and my weight’s been between 195 and 200 the whole time.

Actually – a decent amount has changed – I do have a consistent year of running and biking back under my belt; I’ve transitioned into a new position that I love, and where I’m getting to develop some really cool stuff, and I launched a kid successfully to college. So, yeah – not too shabby.

Fitness, I guess, is better, which is nice.

May’s coming up, and I guess I just wanted to put myself on report, get motivated, and try to use May to do a couple things:

  • Shift my internal clock: Early to bed, early to rise
  • Start working my core: Melissa did this, and it’s been transformative for her
  • Get back to the consistency I had over the winter – from the Runner’s World Run Streak (#RWRS)
  • Get control on what I’m eating

The last one’s the kicker – I’m pretty sure I’ve got a good engine under some flab, just need to burn it off. And I also think snacks is probably 85% of the flab, though I could probably stand to skip the fries at lunch more often (Fries, I think, should always be considered a snack)