By way of clarification

Five being the new three moves me back a couple months to setting and struggling with goals.

Which is good, because I’m making them.

Did 5 miles after work Friday along Burma Road. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t really easy. And it was probably a bit more than 5 miles – I didn’t do the Forerunner, and I didn’t measure it with the car after. But it was for sure past where I’ve turned around in the past with the Forerunner saying 2.5 miles, and time-wise, it was probably pretty close to 6 round trip.

Timing was by iPod – got to love a gadget that’s got my entire record library, all my contacts, a bunch of notes, and a clock synced with an internet time standard every time I plug it into my computer. 25 minutes out, 24 minutes back. The coolest part was that “back” was into the wind, instead of with the wind.

It was a tough run – my legs were really tight from 10 miles in the two days before, and from traveling, but I gutted it out.

Then I get home, and Melissa’s got brown rice, scallops, and bell peppers waiting for me; the boys have both been good since I last saw them on Tuesday, and much is good. Ended up getting the yard mowed this morning before it started raining, and have caved to today being a rest day. I’m hoping I have the gumption to get up tomorrow and run…

3 thoughts on “By way of clarification”

  1. Hey, the tough runs make you tougher, right? :)

    Can’t believe its time for lawn mowing already. We have snow today. Not sure if I should get out the shovel or the mower.

  2. I’d be ecstatic that I didn’t have to run in the rain.
    You gave me an idea – I’m stuck on a ‘four’. I need to find a ‘five’ I can count on and that works; something scenic, circuitous and challenging. Now I have a Sunday project. Thanks!

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