Summary of my personal life today: D’oh.

Summary of my running life today: Woo Hoo!

Personal: f’n taxes. Looks to be a wash between federal and a couple of states. Jon suggested H&R Block, but I’m stubborn. Besides, then it’d be some person bearing my wrath upon asking dumb questions instead of me yelling (silently; the boys are sleeping) at the monitor. It’s going somewhat better than normal – only one blue screen of death this year. BTW, remind me that I need to call Accounting tomorrow and get my withholding fiddled with.

Running: Great run. Did the same route as Monday, ‘cept by myself. Finished strong, but the forerunner lost power (haven’t charged it in a long while) about 2/3 of the way through. The iPod kept going strong, though. Day was chilly, but not so breezy. Oh, and it wasn’t quite the same route – I added the .4 miles out to the point and back. My splits were in the 8:15 range. So at least I’m getting noticeably faster. Legs felt good, etc.

At lunch, I swung by the Barnes and Noble. Thumbed through the Chi Running book – looks completely worthwhile. Maybe after I finish the book I’m reading and this.

Yep. Life is good. And I think I’ll avoid prison, at least for tax evasion. And I’ll spend Friday night on the porch catching up with everyone else’s runs. Or maybe Saturday.

2 thoughts on “D’oh”

  1. Hey, what a difference a day can make, huh? And one good thing about H&R Block is for a few extra bucks, if the IRS wants to you to come visit them, H&R goes with you and pays the fine if there’s a screw up. This I like. :)

    And hey, that book looks cool! I read all five in the Trilogy, and Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency, which is even more bizarre.

    The Chi Running is good stuff. I think you’ll like it.

  2. You reminded me about one good thing about moving to Texas…


    seriously, good luck. They can be such a pain in the ass.

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