Italian Giro Coverage, complete w/ Theme Song

Now, by all means, I hope that everyone in the US reading this heads out and pays for OLN’s webcast of the Giro, then sends OLN a nasty message about needing to support Macs (Since serious cyclists are more intelligent than average folks, and hence more likely to use a superior computing platform – vis, a Mac).

However, if you want to see a polished version of the Giro, click on over to Rai, who, I’m guessing, is the Italian Network carrying over the race. Select “Sport” in the left hand column, then “88th Giro”, then “Si Gira” (or any of the content in the right panel”, and lastly any of the stages. Sit back, turn up your speakers, and wait for the theme to begin. It’s followed by programming. I don’t speak Italian, but having taken French and Spanish, I can pick out enough to make fun to watch.

4 thoughts on “Italian Giro Coverage, complete w/ Theme Song”

  1. “el grande giro!”

    you evil, evil man. don’t give me cycling footage links at work, dangit!

    recorded both cyclism episodes from oln this weekend and am working through stage 14. heartbroken for basso, but excited for the discovery guys. let’s see if salvodeli can hold on through the rest of the mountains…

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