Five Easy Miles

(Didn’t think I’d be writing that a couple of months ago.)

(Heck, Tuesday morning, I didn’t think I’d be writing that anytime soon)

Stopped by Bluff Point on my way from bathtime to “back to work”. Figured I’d just take an easy jog along the second loop of the race course, do what would be about 3.5 or so with the little extra to get from the start/finish to where the first loop lets out. No map again, but after staring at it Monday Night, it’s now burned into my head.

And the second loop is that easy. No real hills of which to speak. The part I’d skipped turns out to be darn pretty, in my opinion, too. There’s more along the tracks, true. But then it heads up to the Haley Farm parking lot through a wide-open field along a backwater from the sound. Probably because New England is pretty much completely wooded these days, actual acres of open space that aren’t parking lots are pretty spectacular.

Rather than head back over the railroad bridge, though, I figured I’d take the wrong turn again to see how tough it would be to get back to the entrance to the park. Not tough at all. There was a semi-paved trail (as in it’d been paved maybe 10 years ago) almost all the way back, then a short jaunt on roads to the park. Figure it added maybe a half to a whole mile. I was comletely electronics-free tonight. Not even a watch.

Took Tuesday off. Smart idea; I was sore something fierce. Today, I felt fine. After jogging tonight, I’m almost wishing I’d really pushed – my legs feel let down, and my lungs are wondering when they’re going to get a chance to work again. And since I’m saying this in public, I’m sure to bonk on Friday, and wander in at about 1:40 or so…

Reasons to love the Giro:
1. The Giro Theme Song – If y’all haven’t plopped down $6 for access to OLN’s video feed, do it. The Giro Theme Song starts at about 6 minutes in – big band horns, guy singin’ in Italian “El Grande Giro, El Grande Giro” the something about first one to arrive, I guess. I need to find time and figure out how to rip this to an MP3.
2. Today Danilo DiLuca, the guy wearing the Pink Jersey (leader of the Giro, not yellow like the Frogs) got dropped, and rather than sitting up, the peleton tried to leave him behind. Yeah, baby. Were this le Tour, there’d be whining and crying about that not being sporting.
3. Sprints – The last kilometer of many of the stages have finished twists, turns, and hills – completely thrilling sprints. And no-one’s whining. Plus, it seems like most of the good sprinters today are either Italian or Australian, so there seems to be even a little more gusto.
4. Podium Girls.
5. The computerized course map and weather forecast – provided by the Italian Air Force.
6. Again, the music in the video feed is the greatest – either European Big Band, or really cheezy EuroPop. Makes me want to head up to Logan and stow away.
7. Italians are just that much cooler than everyone else in Europe. So cool, in fact, they don’t have to make a big deal about it at all.
8. Mario Cipollini. Yes, I know he’s not racing. Yes, he is, indeed, that cool.
9. Fassa Bortolo, for at least keeping the idea of a great Italian leadout train alive. Yes, they’re having a rough Giro. but, I still catch my breath when I see them form up near the end of a stage. Plus, like Johan’s been all-over, they’re riding the insanely sweet new Cannondales.
10. That Cunego and Simoni both ride on the same team. All that’s lacking is a fat lady and a score by Puccini.

If I hit the $123 million Powerball tonight, I’m dropping everything, and jumping on my bike to see if I can ride my 32 year old butt into cycling shape. An American’s got to win this thing sooner or later (which may be part of its charm)…

4 thoughts on “Five Easy Miles”

  1. No, I haven’t ponied up the $$, but I am watching the OLN highlights. Who are the podium girls anyway? Mystery of the ages… I’m sorry I’m missing the awesome music – maybe you can pirate some CDs for us! :-O

  2. yeah, it seems like there’s so much more actual drama, rather than perceived drama, in the giro. the sprint finish were mcewan (?) biffed, basso gaining huge chunks of time in the tt, and did you see the time that zabriske turned in on the tt? at least we got a stage win.

    i agree, the tdf gets all the hype, but it’s the giro where it’s really at.

    oh, forgot to comment on the ‘easy five’. congrats. like you said, it feels great to hit those milestones.

    question about the feed…can you watch it any time, or are you stuck only watching it live?

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