Lunchtime – Mmmmmm, sweat

Ran at lunch for the first time in a while. Good stuff.

I’d kind of intended to take a rest day today, but with a beautiful, summer-like day in the offering, that wasn’t going to happen. So, being in the market anyway, and having my shoes still in the car, I picked up a new pair of shorts and t-shirt, found the socks I didn’t find yesterday, and ran the Navy Base again. Absolutely beautiful – nice sea breeze keeping everything cool. I kind of zig-zagged around to add mileage and hills, and ended up going for about 45 minutes – 5+ miles. I walked a little bit at the end, but HEY? such is life.

And I’ve been completely enamored with the RBF lately. Quality posts really keep me going. Warren’s getting the cycling jones. I’d offer him tips on immunizing himself, but, nah. It’ll be better when he’s part of the spandex’d and lycra’d cycling collective. All his base are belong to me. My only fear is that he’ll go for the tri bike, instead of drop bars. Speaking of tris, Wil (who most definately is not a guy) did her marathon last week in preparation for an Ironman later this year. Her rundown starts here with quite possibly the best bit of internal dialog I’ve read in a while. Wil also wins my vote for Best Consistient Use of Pictures in a Fitness Blog.

And all the good thoughts I can spare are headed down Houston way for Christian as he learns how to cope with mosquitoes that can carry off small children, and steel himself to head out and face the heat and humidity, even at oh-dark-thirty, when AC and good food are the other choice. ” I feel like twig boy out here, especially when I go to the pool.” I’m still at least 10 lbs above where I should be based on BMI, but 15 lbs ago, even I looked somewhat fit at the pool in Houston.

Finally, Fixedgear worked the US Pro Cycling championship last weekend. Great pictures, and an amazing race – US cyclists finished 1-2-3 for the first time in a while. AND, it’s an excuse not to feel bad about being beaten down by the heat. Out of the field of 200 guys who do outdoor cycling and stuff for a living, way less than half of them finished the race.

So, thanks to everyone.