Weekend / ABC’s

So, following the performance of which I’m becoming increasingly happy, I was pretty much a slug for most of the weekend. Friday – best laid plans and all, but wound up blowing off the workout.

Saturday was 0701 hop-on-pop, as always, followed by T-ball, trip to the Stonington Farmer’s Market (mmmm, littlenecks), yardwork, and re-grouting the bathtub. Sunday, we took the bikes, trailer, and boys downtown – I tweaked the front deraileur on the MTB so I can get into the BIG RING now, so we were really hauling heading downhill. Stopped at the hardware store on the way down to buy some two-part plastic weld to do a little repair work on a turntable I picked up off of EBay, so we headed down the Stonington side of the river instead of River Road. Still not so bad as far as traffic went. The ride was good – no residual knots from the tri.

Today, work was hectic all morning. We’re hammering out a proposal for the folks I support’s boss – spent about 2 hours working out details in the morning before my clients had other meetings. I did some tweaks, and right about the time I finished, Chris calls up from the Lab to see if I want to head down to the Atlantic Beach Club for lunch. No, I say, but if you don’t mind me riding along, I’ll go for a quick jog along first beach while y’all eat. Whatever, says he.

So I tag along – I work with great people. They sit down to eat, I sneak into the bathroom, change, and head down the beach. Low tide, so I get to run on firm, packed sand. Nice and springy, but not smooshy. First Beach is great, too, since it’s got a really shallow grade – when the tide is out, it’s WAY out. Head up to the Cliff Walk at the other end of the beach, out past Ruggles where the nice portion ends, and turn around. Back to the ABC in about 35 minutes – good run.

Only downside is that this ends up being the quickest lunch in the history of ABC lunches – guess no one wanted “dessert” on Monday, and the folks are packing up as I walk onto the patio from the beach. Darn. The upside is that we stop by Dunkin’ D’s on the way back, and I wipe out any caloric deficit from the run by sucking down a Turbo Iced Coffee w/ cream and sugar. Ah, well – that’s why I run.

I’m revising race goals for the year after getting drawn for NY. Part of it is NY, the other part is that my wife’s sorority is having a big to-do over our Alumni Weekend, and she’s been asked to help put it together. Downside is that the shindig is the same weekend as Mystic Places – she’s headed to San Antonio; I’m staying with the boys. It all works out in the end, I suppose – I still get in a marathon for the year. I’ll run locally next year. I may still see if I can get up for Hartford.

Rough race schedule is as follows:

6/30, 7/14 (Bastille Day! Allez!), 7/28, and 8/11 – Terramuggus Tris. Oh yeah.
7/10 – may break down and do a race on a Sunday – Sailfest Road Race (5K)
9/5 – New Haven Road Race (20K)
Oct? – may still try Mystic Places – my bro was talking about coming up, and may bring babysitting. Plus, I think this is my best chance for qualifying for Boston (Total pipedream, but such is life)
Nov – NYC Marathon.

Will update as soon as I have a chance to screw around with style sheets…

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  1. Still considering coming up to run. Could probably talk Mom and Dad into coming as well. Need to plan it out. Keep it up.

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