Four miles, give or take

Yep, day two of Marathon Training. 4 miles on the schedule.

Did 5.2 in 46 minutes – 8:45 pace. Heh. Two days and I’m off my schedule. But it’ll make up for only running 3 tomorrow.

Went longer than I intended because I was “in the groove”

Went slower than usual because it was lunchtime and hence hot and wet.

Had a huge positive split (8:36/8:22/8:23 for the first three miles and 8:53/9:50 for the last two) when the sun burned through the clouds midway through the run and began quite literally beating on me.

Had a crap-eating grin the whole time.

Tri #2 is tomorrow. After donating blood and dealing with heat and humidity for the last two weeks, my goal is just to finish again. I’d like to improve on my last time, but frankly, I don’t see it happening if it’s hot. I do think I can improve my run time, though, and at least this time, I shouldn’t freak out as much on the swim.

Pushups start on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Four miles, give or take”

  1. Crap-eating grin … that’s a great
    feeling. Good luck with the tri, and
    thanks for reminding me that it’s blood
    donating time again ….

  2. I was going to see if you wanted to run with David and me on Sunday, but I can see you’ll be spent after the tri. Good luck!! Where is it again?

  3. Being in the groove is good, I like those runs where you just go a little further than planned just because.

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