25 things I love about the bike – #25

Bike Frame

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#25 Frames

This is my old Trek 360 frame. Well loved, it had a couple of massive chips in its paint, and I was afraid of it rusting out from under me. So, I stripped and repainted it this spring. It’s shiny now, and ready to be rebuilt and ridden for another 15 years.

But I’m not meaning to be specific about my stuff.

The basic bike frame is an amazing thing. Absent me telling you what kind of bike this was, and who built it, the double triangle shape has been set for well over a century. The stuff that hangs off of it has changed – kind of. Turning the wheel by pulling a chain with a foot crank hasn’t, and likely won’t in our lifetime – it’s too darn efficient. Likewise the double triangle shape – can be made pretty light and pretty strong with almost any material around.

There’s a line in The Princess Bride that goes “There are only so many perfect things in this world…”

The bicycle frame is one of them.

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  1. Agreed totally about the perfection of the bike frame – totally cool.

    Found your blog via Dianna’s “Running Chick” blog – she’s a friend of mine, and speaks highly of you. And cycling in southeast CT is the best.

    Greetings from DC!

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