Tuesday Cliff Walk

Christian and I hit the cliff walk again today. It was the first day I’d call a “summer” day – probably 80 degrees and bright, bright sun. I forgot my shades.

Chris made it about the first mile and a quarter, then he decided to stop after I ran the 40 steps. On the way out, I felt light on my feet. I ran down to the end of the paved section, and then turned around to go catch Chris. He was only about a half mile back on me, but wanted to continue out to the end. He said to keep going to the end.

So I did. I faded really hard with about 1 1/4 miles to go. In hindsight, I think I was dehydrated (yellow pee before I left the office). The end of the run was pretty ugly.

One thought on “Tuesday Cliff Walk”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog as I wade through the list Mark has posted at completerunning.com. Thought I’d say “howdy” to a fellow Connecticut runner (I’m up in Windham, about 40 minutes north of you).

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