8 Miles – 80 minutes, right?

Pshew. Today? Everyone’s cranky. Not sure quite why, but everyone is.

Somehow, I get the yard mowed, Missy gets the boys in bed, and I start feeling guilty about skimping on my 8 miler that was scheduled yesterday. So I throw on the iPod, toss on the shoes, and hit the road. Goal was 80 minutes.

Made the goal. Watched the sun set. Watched the river turn to glass.Ran 2.3 miles straight up hill.

Good times.

5 thoughts on “8 Miles – 80 minutes, right?”

  1. I think it’s the heat that makes people cranky. That’s when I call my kid Miss Cwankypants. Sounds like a soul cleansing run. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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