Bluff Point Run, Reunion, and Repast

A huge shout out to Susan, Dianna, Sarah, and David – by far the high point of the week. Each and every one of them deserves a gold star for not only waiting patiently for me and Jake as we showed up at least 15 minutes late (Sorry, sorry, sorry – I was born a week late, and my mom says I haven’t caught up yet), but for being great running companions.

The run was good. I did a fair amount of it with my hand gently in the small of Jake’s back, ‘cept on the downhills. The weather was idyllic – I am still in awe of days in July that end with me wanting long sleeves and a fire. And the company made the evening.

Susan has the pictures, but TRCWTOH’s toe deserves at least a thousand words. And words I have in droves. Y’know those pictures of boxers after fights? The ones that usually get described as having faces like hamburger? Well, the toe was about the same mix of purple, red, and scarlet. I was kind of shocked it wasn’t completely swollen. And the picture doesn’t do the nail polish justice – it was not only purple and shiny, but metallic, too. One of the best gnarly toes I’ve seen in a while. (Insert 950 more words…)

Jake kept asking on the way back to the house – “Where were the rest of the people for the race?” I kept trying to explain to him that it wasn’t quite a race. But after a day to reflect, a better way to answer it would have explain that the important part of the race is internal for most of us, and that there were a lot of folks (like Mommy) who were there in spirit.

3 thoughts on “Bluff Point Run, Reunion, and Repast”

  1. Thank you for inviting me along :-) And thanks for taking care of the food prep! I really enjoyed the evening down in your neck of the woods. And you have the sweetest son…I look forward to meeting the rest of your family, maybe in New Haven?

  2. You have captured the spirit of our visit perfectly. What a great evening. David and I ran Bluff Point again this morning (the 3.6 route), and I was reminded of the fun we all had. Please tell Jake we all enjoyed his company. And footnote #2 above? I’m with you.

  3. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. I wish I could have been there, but hopefully I will see everyone at New Haven. ~ Don’t forget to stay extra hydrated this week–it’s supposed to be really humid for the next few days.

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