More or less.

I’d like to claim that I was totally and completely busy for the last week or so, but I’d be kind of lying. I have been busy enough that, while I have missed y’all greatly, other things (like sleep) have been more pressing. I’d apologize, but we’ve all been there, or will be.

The black cloud that struck Dianna and April-Anne skirted past Mystic, but never actually struck. Work’s been stressful but productive, the baby’s been sick, better, sick again, and better again, and I kind of blew a week’s worth of training.

Warding off the cloud – the boyos and I headed down to the Seaport for the antique and small craft weekend. Lots of beautiful boats I forgot to take pictures of while trying to keep the baby from walking off the wharf.
jake and nate in whaling boat 3

And, I finally got around to this:
hole in kayak

Here’s the boat in the backyard set up to sand off the tape residue and rough up the rest of the bottom – it’s definitely getting a new coat of varnish, and likely another layer of ‘glass.
boat and boy

AND, there was a great 10 miler on Saturday, a great 12 mile bike ride today, and a whole ‘nother morning tomorrow.

SO –

1) Let’s see if I can knock out the remaining 15 things I love about the bike – Annalisa had a great bit today; see if I can return the favor.
2) Jeff, who I’ve decided is my hero after his epic marathon with his buddy in Seattle and his crazy cool schemes to kayak to Catalina and run the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon down to TJ, wants some thoughts on the Tour
3) There’s two marathons for which to train, and the next-to-last tri of the season on Thursday!

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  1. Great photos Bill.
    Since I missed a day of reading, I read backwards to here–and I’m pondering what you’ve said about Lance, about your generation. And since pondering is all I have time for right now, I’ll have to get back to you. By the way, I am so enjoying the link to open source radio you sent. thanks.

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