25 things I love about the bike – #10


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Much like the frame, they’re a perfect marriage of form and function. They hold tasty beverages, they keep out grit, and they let riders drink without spilling.

I’ll admit, my first waterbottles were treasured for their ability to let me sneak rum and whatever into venues that wouldn’t sell booze to me for the silly reason that I was too young.

But as I started biking, I gained a new appreciation. Filling the bottles is as important as filling the tires with air before a ride. Then there’s the subtle joy in learning to put the bottles into the cages without breaking cadence, and finally the zen that comes with learning to drink out of the side of one’s mouth, staying nice and aero, and not obscuring one’s view.

But the ritual is the best. Find a new shop? Buy a bottle. Take a trip? A bottle’s a great souvenir.

3 thoughts on “25 things I love about the bike – #10”

  1. Great post! I think a water bottle would be a good as a race day souvenir (instead of the typical race day t-shirt, which we already have 50 of them sitting in our closets) :) I’m glad your training is going well.

  2. LOL–You’re right! I’m wondering what would be easier-building a new shelf in your closet for race day shirts or a new cabinet in your kitchen for all the race day water bottles. :)

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