worst. run. ever.

12 miles on Saturday completely blew.

1. Wet. Great gracious me, I thought I was back in Houston. Temps at the start of the run were probably mid 70’s at most, but it was darn near 100% humidity. I swear my shirt was soaked before I hit the top of the driveway. Couldn’t breathe, what being underwater and all.

2. Shoes. I don’t know that I can necessarily blame them – I did the 15 in my new-ish pair of New Balance 833’s last weekend and didn’t feel a thing but good. Today – my arches felt collapsed, my ankles felt twisty. Blech. I’ve been having foot pain off and on since swapping my Asics for these; think it’s time to go back to what works. Stupid $60 down the drain…

3. Nutrition. Left at 6 AM. Nothing to eat at the house. Usually, if I’m running in the AM, I’m doing it over near work on Jamestown or Newport, so I huff something (‘nana, blueberries, granola bar, coffee, coffee, coffee)) down before I eat. Although, again, I didn’t bother with that for the long run in Vermont. Saturday, I also took a PowerBar with me instead of relying on candy, etc. Ate the PowerBar at about mile 4, and didn’t feel quite right after it. Think it’s back to Swedish Fish for next week.

Regardless, the run stank. I probably walked 3 or 4 of the 12 or so miles. (Good! says Galloway – walk/run is a great way to prepare) If it weren’t for the great long run last weekend, over a bigger distance, and two decent runs last week, I’d be severely discouraged.

Instead, I’m psyched about new shoes and trying again this evening. Hope everyone else is avoiding the heat…

5 thoughts on “worst. run. ever.”

  1. I apologize, but I did not have a bad one: PR in the 5K and 10 miles at a 9:30 pace.
    Those New Balances may just need some getting used to. Try them on short runs and alternate with your Asics. Either your feet will adjust or the shoe will. Hoepfully it’s not a total waste of $60.

  2. Like you said to Susan…misery loves company and I am so glad it wasn’t just me on Saturday. Although Sunday was only marginally ‘better’ and I use that term very loosely.

    Stupid humidity. Breathing underwater is a perfect way to describe it.

    Now…how about New Haven, eh?

    Oh and…Asics. Rock.

  3. Hmm… Swedish Fish? I’ll have to try that some time. Last week was the first time I ever tried eating anything during a long run. I ate a peach at mile six. Besides being a little messy, it was a good choice. I felt a little more energized after eating it and I didn’t get any cramps. *Enjoy your new sneakers!

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