Yeah, Stowe!

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Completely and totally rocked. We were staying about 10 minutes walking from downtown (above). There’s a groovy paved trail that runs along the river that heads from the town up to the ski area that we walked/ran/rollerbladed. Good stuff. Lots of time in shoes. We were able to walk to most of the shops we wanted to see (4 bikes shops within about a mile’s radius!) and even walk to supper. Perfect weather – warm days, not so humid. Life was good.

Saturday was canoeing…
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better covered bridge.jpg

Great time – the river was kind of slow and lazy, but hey, so were we.

Sunday was hiking. Drove to the top of the pass between Stowe and Jeffersonville? (Smuggler’s Notch) and hiked to a pond about a mile back in the woods. Not so far, not so high, but beautiful.

That’s me swimming
Around the corner was the top of the runs for Smuggler’s Notch ski area. I’d say that the view from the top of the lift tower was incredible, but that’d be tresspassing, clearly. So I’ll say that the view from the top was beautiful. It’s on the Long Trail (hike VT north/south – like the Appalachian Trail but doable in weeks instead of months)


Good time, beats working – think we’ll take the kids next summer.

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  1. Beautiful pics. How cold was the water? Take the kids next time but save some other time to sneak off with Mrs. Jank to find and explore another unknown destination.

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