Is a dirty word; it used to be a painted bird, baby.

No, peace is a wonderful thing. Peace is what I found yesterday. While running, of all things. Cranked out a good 3.5 miles over lunch. Didn’t feel sore. Didn’t feel winded. Didn’t feel nothing but peace.

Saw the folks walking to the galley. I ran.

Saw the cars driving by, windows sealed against the pending rain and fall chill. I ran.

Saw the trees, holding on to green leaves thanks to unseasonable warmth and rain. I ran.

Saw great V’s of geese headed south breaking through the bellies of clouds fat with rain. I ran.

Nothing fancy today. No sprints. No great distance. Nothing but’s podcast.

Taper madness – none of that here. I’m loving the taper.

I’ve been slacking, though. My ankle is still “Twingey” and I don’t want it to go all the way to “painful” before the race. So, likely I’m babying it a bit too much. Then there’s the fear of a cold, coupled with a week of grey and rain. But such is life.

The upside is that I’m reconnecting with Running again, after our little lover’s spat a couple of weeks ago. I’m really excited about reasonable runs – For whatever reason, I’m finding that 5 miles is a beautiful distance. 3 miles is a good daytime distance. Can’t wait to reconnect with Swimming and Cycling, without Running being the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

5 miles Saturday and Sunday, couple of 4 milers next week, and marathon on Sunday. I cannot wait. I’m completely pumped for the race – the good short runs I’ve had lately (even the rainy run last weekend) have me wanting to bite off a ginormous chunk of marathon, chew it up, swallow it, and have it become a little bit of who I am. But they’ve got me even more excited about getting back to a balanced diet of exercise, and a more balanced life. I can see the end – it’s 8 wake-ups and 26.2 miles away (OK, 38.2 miles away assuming 5 Sat/Sun, and 4’s Tues/Wed/Thu), and I’m psyched.

8 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. boy, she’s a whore. dontcha know i love her more and more…

    trip out. i was just listening to that, not more than 30 minutes ago.

    haha…seems you gave all your share of the taper madness to dawnie. congrats on a spectacular run and great focus. best wishes for the 5/5 this weekend!

  2. “without Running being the 800 lb gorilla in the room”


    I think you are going to have a great race, Jank. You certainly seem to have reached the calm spot in the taper. I’m envious. Hope that twinginess is well on its way out the door. Its gonna a good last week for you I think.

    9 days!

  3. what a great place to be! I’ll be thinking of you…I have a feeling this is going to be wonderful race for you. And don’t even think about that twinge.

  4. The south flying V of geese just dropped a message on my house. Well two messages. The second one says you’re in fine form and ready to slice and dice the gorilla. Go get ’em.

  5. Glad you’ve rediscovered the “peace.” It’s no longer fighting, but accepting and not judging (my yoga teacher’s words). It feels good to calm the struggle and just be :-)

    Enough of that …you’re gonna rock the race. I’m feeling it! All the best…and may the rain hold this week for those last runs!

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