Podcast #4 – And the beat keeps runnin runnin

Podcast #4 (Will sound scratchy – recorded via phone)

Did the gerbil thing after work today. 25 minutes, about 2.6 miles.

Running felt good. Started at 6.5 MPH, about 9 minute miles, but had to slow down to 6.0 after a couple minutes. One of the upsides of the marathon is that I now have exact knowledge of where my achilles tendon and hamstrings are. But that can be solved by stretching.

About 15 minutes into the run, I bumped it up to 7.5 mph – felt great. Held it for about 5 minutes, and then back down to 6 mph for the rest of the run.

Only concern was that my heart rate peaked about 185 during the “fast” part, but I didn’t feel like I was in the red.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #4 – And the beat keeps runnin runnin”

  1. Hey, it’s fun to picture you driving across my favorite state–I’ll bet the sunset was gorgeous! Sounds like you are on track in your recovery after the marathon, too. Good going.

  2. Your body has not yet figured out what the hell to do with itself; I would not worry about your heart rate being abnormal for a week or two after your race. I have not started running yet (other than across the street from the laundromat, which felt fine) and will not be running for at least a month. My goal is to do some lifting and swimming and put about 10 pounds on.

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