Oh, forgot to mention I’m going to be racing again!

Mystic YMCA does an annual Turkey Trot and Dip. Missy’s doing the 3 mile race; Jake is running the 1 mile race, and Nate and I are going to be chasing Jake in with the stroller!

The funny thing? Since it’s my first official mile race, Jake and I are both going to set PR’s!

We drove the course on Sunday after Family Swim; Jake is a little bit intimidated by the hill between the start and the turn-around. I told him he’d be fine…

8 thoughts on “Turkey”

  1. Friday will officially be the first day I run again after the Mystic Marathon, having taken a month off from running to concentrate on lifting and to give myself a chance to rest after 8 months of hard training and racing. And in that time you will have run a second marathon and a 1 mile race…my hat’s off to you. There is a new 1 mile race here in Portland that I ran this past year; I will probably run it again next year. I am usually out of town for the other 1 mile races I know about around here.

  2. I am so jealous. My parents town in Pennsylvania, where I will be spending Thanksgiving, doesn’t have a Turkey Trot. I am thinking of starting one with my family.

  3. did i read that right? missy is doing the 5k? AWESOME! wish her a good race for us!

    you TOTALLY have to hype up the 1 mile pr for jake. “pr’s are a huge deal, son. let’s frame that race time”

    best wishes for the race and a happy turkey day!

  4. Thank you. I already looking forward to next year :) you and your family have a blessed thanksgiving and have fun at the turkey trot with the boys.

  5. Yeah for Missy and Jake! (Oh and you ,too!) I thought of you all as I headed down 95 past the Mystic exits last night–and again as I ran around the neighborhood today. Hope you had a great thanksgiving and made special memories during the races.

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