Went swimming after the boys were in bed. Nothing spectacular, just another night in the pool. The lifeguard was strolling around the pool instead of sitting in the chair, which kind of wierded me out.

The Triathlon Training Book included a couple of drills. Tonight, I tried the “fist” drill – swam 5 laps with my hands balled up as fists. It was pretty amazing to see what a difference getting the arm bent soon after entry into the water made in letting my arm produce thrust instead of counting on my hand. Felt noticeably faster when I started using my hands again.

I did a set of backstroke, too, which was kind of nice. Felt the need to go really fast, since I could gasp for air whenever I wanted. It was also kind of neat – I really felt like I was stretching my arms out well over my head, more so than just in freestyle.

1000 yards – 250 breast, 250 back, 250 freestyle with fists, 250 freestyle, alternate side breathing.

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