Millions of Americans Need to Join the RBF

So says the Washington Post

Treadmill tests on a representative sample of more than 5,300 Americans ages 12 to 49 found that about one out of every five had poor cardiovascular fitness, including about one-third of teenagers and 14 percent of young adults. Based on the findings, an estimated 7.5 million adolescents and at least 8.5 million adults are out of condition, the researchers found.

So, following one of Brogan’s mantras – “Turn bad news into opportunity” (and if it’s not, it should be) – When was the last time you invited another non-runner to lace up the sneaks with you? Offered the guest pass to the gym to a co-worker thinking about getting back in shape? Put platform pedals on the “B” bike and asked the neighbor if she wanted to spin down to the Quickie Mart?

I write this only because I went ahead and let Monday and Tuesday kick my butt this week, instead of letting Wednesday always be the bad guy. I may just call it an official hiatus through Christmas. May, but probably not. I’m jonesing to go run. What’s more likely is that I’ll go ahead and blow out all the carbon on the 6 mile loop on Jamestown tomorrow morning, and pay for it until Christmas.

Back to 171, BTW.

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  1. I heard something about that on the radio this morning too. Sad. We have all this awareness about health and fitness and we are getting less so with each passing year.

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