The first epic

You ever have one of those days at work, where all morning is spent just treading water, dragging against what seems to be an unsurmountable obstacle? The kind of day where nothing gets done? Today was absolutely not one of those days.

What it was, however, was nasty, grey, and chilly at 6 AM when I was headed across the bridge. Blew off running, took a shower, and headed to the office.

About 10, the gloom burned off, and it turned into one of the beautiful days that occur all too frequently during the summer, and are few and far between during the winter. I headed over to get a haircut in the afternoon with Steve, and coming out of the barber shop, I could feel my legs twitch. Rather than heading back to the office, I hit the gym, changed, grabbed the iPod and hit the road.

Dunno. I felt good, straight up good for the first time in a while. Headed out all the way along the shoreline, then turned around and headed back, rather than cutting the corner and making the loop back. Probably 5 miles or so.

The PS, though, is that I was set for a loop when I hit the house. Ouch. So I took off Friday