One Word

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One word to rule them all, and in a mindset bind them…

My word for 2006 is …


Sure, there’s not a whole lot of challenge or struggle there, but my major goal for 2006 is cementing the lifestyle. I want to have energy, I want to be fit, I want to be “that guy”. Sure, I could pick some tough and manly word, something deep and motivating, but to heck with that. I’ve got enough gut checks in the rest of my life, or have had. This running/swimming/biking thing – I do this to relax, to let it all hang out, to live life to the fullest so that when I die someone will say that he really sucked (the marrow out of life.)

So, my word is Fun.

Fun as in mud.
Fun as in bugs in the teeth.
Fun as in burning lungs trying to go full out with alternating breathing.
Fun as in cornering hard enough to hear the tires start to complain and praying that the April showers have washed all the March sand off the road.
Fun as in buying a pair of size 32 pants, then deciding to return them for a pair of size 30s.
Fun as in seeing how far I can fling the boys into the ocean while we’re at the beach.
Fun as in sunrises
Fun as in sunsets
Fun as in PR
Fun as in “Chicks dig scars”
Fun as in yelling at cagers
Fun as in standing on the road at the Tour of Connecticut screaming “Allez! Allez! Allez!” for the 30 seconds that it takes the peleton to scream by in May.
Fun as in beating my time at the New Haven 20K.
Fun as in finally getting off my butt to run with Susan again. (And the rest of the CT runners, too)
Fun as in getting the kayak back in the water and paddling until my arms ache
Fun as in chinups
Fun as in chopping wood
Fun as in seeing Jeff break three hours at Boston

Marathon year is over. Done. Finished. Water under the bridge. On the compost heap.

Fun year is here.

Now, to start planning another run at Mystic Places ;^) What are you doing for fun?

12 thoughts on “One Word”

  1. Yesterday I was already to pick “fun” as my word of the year, then I reviewed by plans and decided that “maintain” was a better word. I did choose fun as a secondary word. But as I read your post our goals are very similar, to put the fun back into fitness and to at least maintain what we have built.

    I have a lot of races on my agenda, but my goals have more to do with finishing strong, rather than finishing fast. For me this is my definition of having fun.

  2. I’m good with everything except the bugs in the teeth. You can have mine, thank you very much.
    Your goal is my mantra. If you’re not having fun why are you doing whatever it is?
    My word is “right” which has innumerable connotations which I will explore over time.

  3. I have always thought that you were fun! Seriously! Anyone who has a great but demanding job like yours…a wonderful family…yet still has time to run, swim, hang out, play with your kids, blog, etc…is FUN in my book. I am sure your sons look up to you soo much!

    I love your “chicks dig scars”…made me laugh. Do “dudes dig scars?”

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