Running gets its stuff in one Sock

Much like the UCI’s attempts to make pro cycling appealing on the same big-money level as Formula 1, the “Big 5” Marathons (Boston, London, Berlin, New York, and My Kinda Town) are putting together an overall marathon champ pot of up to <pinkie>One Mill-i-on Dollars.</pinkie>

I mention this only to say that this is good news for us all:

– There were just under 400,000 people who finished marathons in the US last year. The odds of winning the PowerBall (6 numbers, one through 60, chosen in order) are one in Thirty Six Billion.
– Two new pairs of running shoes a year are $120. Two PowerBall tickets a week? $104
– Training? Kills about 6-10 hours a week. PowerBall drawings? Five minutes, late at night twice a week

So, see? You’re more likely to hit the million dollar jackpot as a runner than as a lottery player.

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