Made it to Frostbite Falls

Dawn reminded me of the little trip I’d volunteered to take to Frostbite Falls to hang with Rocky, Bullwinkle, et al during January. Got a bit freaked out ’cause I felt like I’d been slacking for much of the month, and figured I’d have to really make up some mileage today and tomorrow to make it.

Turns out, I’m already there

Went back through January and added up rides, runs, and swims, and I’m at –
35+ miles running
2 miles swimming
47.5 miles riding

That’s assuming 15 MPH on the trainer, which isn’t that out of touch with reality. OK, not that out of touch with reality on a flat road, sunny day, wind at my back.

Regardless, I feel fairly comfortable that I made it. Should have shot for 100 miles…

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