Billy and the boob tube

Heh, heh – he said “boob”

So, I haven’t run since Monday. The littlest of the two disease vectors is suffering from some sort of snuffley nose that apparently only strikes during the middle of the night. He was up most of Monday night, and a little last night. Plus, Monday night the dog had what we like to call “bad butt”. There was nothing but blaming it on the dog, and the wife was tempted to exile him to the garage for the evening. I was more understanding, but for the first time in years, he woke me up in the middle of the night to ask to head outside. I grumbled at first, ’till I realized that the alternative was picking up whatever was pushing out the stink prior to heading off to work at oh-dark-thirty.

Work has been great – I completely love the project I’m working on. The downside? Been busy as all get out. So between Nate, the dog, and the office, I convinced myself to blow off yesterday as a “rest” day. Was close to doing the same today, ‘cept guilt got the better of me about 9 tonight. So I broke down and popped in the Pilates DVD my lovely wife picked up for me after I’d offhanded mentioned that I was interested in learning it.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the program. The DVD’s set up so that, using a normal DVD player, you can customize a workout. Having no clue what I was getting into, I chose the “Abs” workout that the perky host (is that what you call them on workout tapes? Instructor?) recommended for a daily workout, and also chose the “Flexibility” or something similar, since I’m about as flexible as you’d expect a thirty-something who hasn’t taken the best care of himself to be.

20 minutes later, I’m feeling energized, happy, and thrilled that I was alone in the basement during the workout. But, basically, it kicked my butt.

Think I’ll be adding that to my quiver, for sure.

Pixiland Rag from the album “The Leprechaun” by Chick Corea

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  1. Way to go Jank “20 minutes later, I’m feeling energized, happy, and thrilled” what a commercial for pilates. :)

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